It’s been more than 40 years since Advision opened its doors – and we’re still not done creating and innovating. Advision’s work has won numerous awards and we’ve been pivotal in the careers of dozens of designers who’ve enriched our work and today enjoy recognition and well-deserved success. Our business ethos is very simple – work hard, achieve goals and be true to yourself.

All music evokes emotion: what, how, why, and when we listen make every music experience as individual as the people listening. Global Melody Project is a catalyst for understanding. It is an opportunity to connect and communicate with strangers, discover new music to enjoy, and, most importantly, shift our expectations.

Art, photography, and illustration speak a common language of passion, love, and hope. It can take months of exploring and testing to finally encapsulate an idea in a way that will attract, move, and inspire others.

Effective design plays a crucial role in changing hearts and minds, encouraging the viewer to rethink how they see and engage with the world. Creating memorable work that is impactful, gives voice to an opposing view or simply inspires others to act is no mean feat in today’s time-poor, tech-savvy society.

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